Navigating the Future

Anat works with organizations to help them navigate an increasingly complex world.

Keynote Presentations That Unpack a Future of Possibilities

Anat Baron: Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Builder

Anat Baron Futurist

Anat Baron knows what’s coming next and what you should do about it. After three+ decades leading major organizations through periods of internal upheaval, intense competition, and market disruption, she has perfected the art of identifying, staying ahead of and shaping trends. This skill set is further informed by her global background, passion for creative innovation, natural storytelling ability – and sense of humor. Now, a sought-after futurist and strategic advisor, she helps business leaders drive innovation, create trends and leverage technological disruption. 

Anat Baron Keynote Speaker

Anat is a dynamic keynote speaker who brings a unique perspective to the big ideas shaping our future. With a solution-oriented approach and a captivating mix of bold vision and humor, she inspires audiences to think bigger and act. To ensure each presentation is tailored to your specific needs, Anat invests time with key members of your organization and thoroughly understands the important issues your audience faces. The outcome is a thought-provoking and engaging talk that sparks meaningful conversations, drives change, and leaves a lasting impact on your audience. 

Anat Baron: Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Builder

The Anat Baron Difference

Fit to Order

Anat doesn’t deliver canned speeches. Her conversations are tailor made for your audience based on your needs.
Anat Baron | Results Driven Keynote Speaker

Results Driven

Anat moves the audience to action by offering practical takeaways to drive better business outcomes.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker with Unique Perspective

Unique Perspective

With diverse experience as both entrepreneur and executive, Anat provides a firsthand point of view into the biggest issues confronting organizations today.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker with Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories

Anat skillfully weaves together compelling narratives from her business experience, crafting memorable presentations that ignite and inspire audiences.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker has Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Anat helps your audience understand why we are nearing the end of “business as usual” and how to navigate without a map to win in the new economy.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker has a Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar

Anat uses audience participation, multimedia, and humor to add magic to the topic and create a galvanizing experience to help you achieve your goals.

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