Anat Baron's Keynote Speaking Video Clips

Anat Baron Speaker Showreel

AI is Here to Stay

Anat Baron reviews the latest AI developments and reminds us that we are living through a major paradigm shift. 

Disruption in the Age of AI

Anat Baron suggests that you lead the disruption instead of becoming its casualty. 

The Elephant in the Room

Anat Baron shares why you must focus on simple technology and agile processes in order to harness the power of innovation. 

Moments of Truth

Anat Baron discusses how important it is to be consumer centric and think about internal processes the way a customer would see them. 

The Future of Work

Anat Baron shares how key human values (not technology) will shape the future of work. 

The Empowered Consumer

Anat Baron talks about the business transformation taking place putting the consumer in charge.

Relationships over transactions

Anat Baron discusses the importance of focusing on human relationships instead of one-time transactions.