Anat Baron's Keynote Speaking Video Clips

Anat Baron Speaker Showreel

The Future is Already Here

Anat Baron highlights the exponential pace of technology and how it will impact our lives in the next decade.

AI is Not the Enemy

Anat Baron reviews the latest AI developments and reminds us that we are living through a major paradigm shift. 

Thriving in Our Post Pandemic World

Anat Baron provides action steps to help us adapt and thrive in the post pandemic world. 

Living in Fast Forward

Anat Baron describes a future where personalization will require humans to help us make better decisions using data and AI. 

The Attention Economy

Anat Baron highlights the difficulty of reaching consumers in our attention deficit world.

The Empowered Consumer

Anat Baron talks about the business transformation taking place putting the consumer in charge.

Relationships over transactions

Anat Baron discusses the importance of focusing on human relationships instead of one-time transactions.

Don’t Be Irrelevant

Anat Baron urges audiences to focus on 2 way engagement in this new age of communication.

Future of Cannabis

Anat Baron emphasizes the importance of consumer education and attention as keys to success of this growing industry.