Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature

Anat Baron’s Career Highlights

Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature
Founder & CEO of 2 tech startups
Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature
Top Rated Keynote Speaker
Former Head of Mike's Hard Lemonade
Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature
Corporate Executive in Hospitality Industry and Hollywood
Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature
Director/Producer/Writer, Beer Wars

Anat Baron’s Story – Why She is the Right Speaker For You


Anat Baron’s energizing presence and impressive track record as an entrepreneur, filmmaker and force behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade sets her apart in the speaking world. A passionate problem solver and rule-breaking trend setter, Anat shares expertise gained in a wide range of industries to help your organization reset thinking, embrace change and overcome obstacles.


Currently the CEO of Stashwall, Inc., an early-stage, game changing technology startup, Anat Baron is best known as the wunderkind behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Within three years, she grew Mike’s into a $200 million juggernaut— establishing a new product category in the ultra-competitive beer industry. She did this despite her allergy to alcohol.

Anat’s eclectic and highly successful career has included working with well-known hotel brands including Four Seasons, Holiday Inn, and Radisson, and as a Hollywood executive 
and producer. After leaving Mike’s, she combined her entertainment and business know-how to write, produce, and direct Beer Wars, an award-winning documentary film that tells the David and Goliath story of the US beer industry and accurately predicted the exponential growth of craft beer.


Always ready (and willing) to provide her point of view, Anat has been both in front of and behind the camera, on stage speaking to audiences of hundreds or thousands. She has been quoted or interviewed in 500+ TV, radio, print and online press outlets, including: CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, WB, NPR, Inc., Entrepreneur, New York Post, and Los Angeles Times.

And if that’s not enough, Anat is currently writing a book focused on building and growing differentiated brands in an age of constant distractions and abundant choices.


Driving Anat’s success as a business leader, speaker, and lifelong learner is her strong belief that organizations and individuals should thrive on change rather than fear it. She infuses this inspiring point of view into every presentation — motivating multi-generational audiences to take charge and galvanizing them into action. Her compelling, no-nonsense, audience centric approach makes her the perfect speaker for today’s increasingly fast changing world.

For even more detail (and potential TMI), visit Anat Baron’s personal site.

Keynote Speeches That Help Your Organization Unpack a Future of Possibilities

Anat Baron is a force of nature whose forte is building brands, leading teams, and growing companies. She has led major organizations through periods of internal upheaval, intense competition, and market disruption. Her real-world experience and deep understanding of technology allow her to share proven strategies for engaging consumers, nurturing innovation, and generating sustainable growth for businesses, non profits, and associations. Anat provides an exceptional blend of business acumen, creative vision, and storytelling.

As a solution-oriented keynote speaker who offers fresh perspectives on the big ideas and important questions shaping our future, Anat combines bold vision and humor to inspire your audience to think bigger and take action. She builds each of her dynamic and informative talks by investing time with key members of your organization and understanding your audience and the most important issues they face. The result is an insightful and engaging presentation that sparks conversation, creates meaningful change, and has lasting impact.

Fit to Order

Anat doesn’t deliver canned speeches. Her conversations are tailor made for your audience based on your needs.
Anat Baron | Results Driven Keynote Speaker

Results Driven

Anat moves the audience to action by offering practical takeaways to drive better business outcomes.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker with Unique Perspective

Unique Perspective

With diverse experience as both entrepreneur and executive, Anat provides a firsthand point of view into the biggest issues confronting organizations today.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker with Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories

Anat skillfully weaves together compelling narratives from her business experience, crafting memorable presentations that ignite and inspire audiences.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker has Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Anat helps your audience understand why we are nearing the end of “business as usual” and how to navigate without a map to win in the new economy.
Anat Baron | Keynote Speaker has a Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar

Anat uses audience participation, multimedia, and humor to add magic to the topic and create a galvanizing experience to help you achieve your goals.

Anat Baron’s Keynote Speaker Testimonials

Anat provided insight into the ever-changing markets, which made the audience think about the future of our technology. She was able to help boost innovation through her examples and stories. We truly enjoyed her presentation.Bridgestone Americas
Thank you for speaking to our leadership team. Your talk was both educational and inspiring, and most importantly asked the team to look within themselves to determine what they were going to do differently to win. Yours was the highest commented session of the day generating quite the buzz. Farmers Insurance
Fantastic! Material and delivery were great. Clearly the highlight of the day. You touched on numerous topics that really resonated with all of us.AMC Theatres
Anat blew the doors off one of our top large conferences.  She had them thinking, laughing and engaging. Merrill Lynch
Anat’s ability to bring her witty humor to the lightening speed marketplace changes and how we are responding to them, is truly one of a kind… Most exciting however, is seeing how Anat’s message has been the catalyst for people to create meaningful changes to stay relevant!NORTHWEST FARM CREDIT SERVICES

We just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful talk this morning. The team really enjoyed it and came away with a lot of insights. You were exactly the spark we were looking for.
Ares Management

The offsite went great! I received a lot of great feedback on your presentation. One of my team members said “I could listen to her all day”. They really appreciated your candor and quick-wit.VEEVA
You are da bomb! Great job, we received rave reviews. Thank you for helping make our National Meeting memorable. COVETRUS
Your keynote speech during the World Chambers Awards Ceremony greatly contributed to the success of this event and stimulated great discussion later on during our statutory meetings.ICC WORLD CHAMBERS FEDERATION
Thank you for bringing your experience, insights and inspiration to create an amazing session! Feedback is pouring in, and it is tremendously positive. Our audience was engaged and energized by the conference. Your contribution to the day was magnificent and much appreciated. PBWC
Thanks for ensuring this years CLC was a success! Anat’s presentation went off without a hitch and our attendees loved her. Many many thanks for helping us inspire change and support the efforts of our network around the world! UNITED WAY WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY LEADERS CONFERENCE
Your presentation on finding your superpower at the YWCA’s Biennial Women in Leadership Luncheon last week was captivating! We wanted to share we all felt stronger after your speech! Thank you for your powerful and motivating words. YWCA

Wanted to let you know how amazing Anat was! Our audience loved her!!
NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association

Thanks for a wonderful presentation. You educated and challenged our members to recognize the speed of change around us, the value of being connected in today’s world, and how to value the talents and contributions from our millennial colleagues and customers. AHOU, The Association of Home Office Underwriters
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve only heard shining reviews for your keynote presentation! Great takeaways, good humor, and amazing stage presence. MJ BIZCON
The Marketing Symposium was a great success and people really enjoyed hearing from Anat. One student just said that it was exactly what she needed after a long day of mock interviews. MICHIGAN ROSS SCHOOL

Anat Baron has delivered speeches to companies and organizations across the globe