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How to Think About Social Media in 2019

Social Media Isn’t About You “But enough about me. What about you? What do you think of me?”Bette Midler in Beaches I was at a networking event recently when the topic of personal branding and social media came up. Lots of back and forth on platforms and timing. And whether

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How to Ask Your Network for Introductions and Referrals

“No one is busy all the time. The issue is where you fit on their priority list.” I believe that we are moving beyond transactions to relationships. I see this with brands that want to move customers beyond one purchase to accruing “lifetime value” by looking for ways to build

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Disintermediation and the End of the Middleman

We are living in a time of extreme disruption. Right now there is a startup somewhere in the world working on upending the status quo of every industry. Technology is the common denominator but the impetus is the changing consumer and her demand for frictionless experiences and convenience. Or in

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