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ChatGPT Made Up a different Version of Me

ChatGPT is a great storyteller. It makes stuff up. And it sounds authoritative in doing so.  I’ve been working on updating my website and social media profiles for the past few weeks. I decided to use AI tools, including ChatGPT to help me edit my content.  Today, I decided to

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The Fine Line Between Reality and AI

Navigating the World of Paul T. Goldman, George Santos, and ChatGPT. Last night I watched the finale of Paul T. Goldman on Peacock, saw the latest George Santos “story” on the news and rewrote my “about” page here on LinkedIn using ChatGPT.

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Is Customer Service in a Death Spiral?

2022 is the year that the airlines lost control. We are watching this happen in real time. I’ve been flying my entire life (my dad worked for an airline when I was growing up) and this past year has been the absolute worst. Cancelled flights. No customer service. Lost/Delayed luggage.

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RE-ENTRY IS HARD: Stepping Out Into the Post Pandemic World

What a year! Our first global communal experience. We each experienced it differently but it was unusual for sure. For 13 (long) months I stayed home. My life consisted of my apartment, with weekly expeditions to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and very occasional meals at 4 local outdoor restaurants

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How to Ask Your Network for Introductions and Referrals

“No one is busy all the time. The issue is where you fit on their priority list.” I believe that we are moving beyond transactions to relationships. I see this with brands that want to move customers beyond one purchase to accruing “lifetime value” by looking for ways to build

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Disintermediation and the End of the Middleman

We are living in a time of extreme disruption. Right now there is a startup somewhere in the world working on upending the status quo of every industry. Technology is the common denominator but the impetus is the changing consumer and her demand for frictionless experiences and convenience. Or in

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Who Is It For?

I’m constantly approached for advice. I have an idea for…. a book, a movie, a speaking career, an app, a “fill in the blank.” I always congratulate the person for having an idea and then set out to (as nicely as I can) talk about the reality of bringing it

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