Anat Baron’s Keynote Speech Topics and Outcomes

The Next Great Transformation

The past few years have taught us that life can change in an instant. We learned that we can adapt to changing circumstances thanks to the technology tools that keep us connected. But are we ready for the exponential changes heading our way? After all, Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, biotech, and digital media, are already transforming work, culture, and our social lives. And what about Web3 and its potential impact?

In her interactive presentation, futurist and consumer expert Anat Baron will focus on the intersection between technology, the new consumer, the multi-generational workplace, and the constant disruption around us. She will discuss the challenges and opportunities impacting our professional and personal lives and show you what success looks like in a fast moving, hyper connected digital first world. All the while, making the case that our humanity will matter more than ever as technology becomes a ubiquitous part of our daily existence. 

Culture IS Your Competitive Advantage

Culture IS Your Competitive Advantage

In order to win the war for talent, organizations must be flexible so they can attract, engage, and retain employees. As work gets re-imagined in our unpredictable world, this goes beyond compensation, benefits and perks. Not only do employees want flexibility relating to where they work, many want to do work that matters and to align their personal values with their organization’s beliefs. They want to feel like they belong. 

In her interactive presentation, Anat Baron will propose that organizations build cross functional bridges and embrace the coming onslaught of technological advances that will continue to impact the workforce. She will describe the strategies and changes she has implemented in her corporate and start-up career, running onsite, hybrid and remote teams. Anat will discuss why culture is key in this age of authenticity and transparency, where the line between employees and customers continues to blur.

Relationships Over Transactions: How to Deliver Value in a Frictionless World

“I want what I want, when, where and how I want it” is the motto of our times. The Internet has pushed aside many gatekeepers and allowed anyone with a computer or mobile device and connectivity to open a store (Etsy, Shopify), create content (YouTube, TikTok, podcasts), publish articles and books (Medium, Amazon) and has created unicorns like Uber and Airbnb who disintermediated taxis and hotels. These changes have transformed how consumers interact with brands and products. Going forward, ask yourself: how do you stay relevant in this fast-moving world? How can you build loyalty when there are so many options? What value can you continue to deliver so that your organization isn’t left behind? 

In her engaging and interactive keynote, futurist and consumer expert Anat Baron will provide context for this accelerating trend and discuss strategies to ensure that your organization continues to deliver value both online and in-person by focusing on relationships instead of solely on transactions.

Securing a Seat at the Table

Let’s face it, the numbers alone are depressing. Only 41 of the Fortune 500 are currently run by female CEOs and female founders secured only 2% of venture capital in the U.S. last year. Yet, women are now the dominant force in small business ownership and are succeeding in industries that were once taboo. Because women have different sets of life and work experiences than men, they are able to provide their employer, team members and customers with diverse perspectives, opinions, and strategic thinking.

In her keynote presentation, Anat Baron delivers real world examples from her successful career in male-dominated industries including hospitality, entertainment, alcoholic beverages, and tech, and highlights how she shifted male-centered perspectives, expanded market share and increased profits by changing the focus. In every role, she was the only woman at the table and often, the first. Anat shares the key leadership traits that helped her break the barriers to help other women harness their superpower and claim their seat at the table.