Anat Baron’s Keynote Speech Topics and Outcomes

Anat Baron delivers “content” with context. Each talk is tailored to your audience so it’s relevant and specific to your organization and/or industry. The takeaways are designed to be shareable and actionable. 

The Next Great Transformation

The past few years have taught us that life can change in an instant. We learned that we could adapt to changing circumstances thanks to the technology tools that keep us connected. But are we ready for the exponential changes heading our way? After all, Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, biotech, and digital media, are already transforming work, culture, and our social lives. We are at the forefront of a profound paradigm shift.

In her interactive presentation, futurist and consumer expert Anat Baron will focus on the intersection between technology, the empowered consumer, the multi-generational workforce, and the constant disruption around us. She will discuss the challenges and opportunities impacting our professional and personal lives and show you what success looks like in our fast moving, hyper connected digital first world. All the while, making the case that our humanity will matter more than ever as technology becomes a ubiquitous part of our daily existence. Anat will help your attendees understand what’s next so they can create change even when change is hard. 

Anat Baron | The Next Great Transformation
Aftershocks and Opportunities: Thriving in Our Post-Pandemic Future

Living in Fast Forward: Navigating the High-Speed World of Human + AI

Change comes slowly and then all at once. For years, science fiction movies presented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots as parts of a dystopian nightmare where machines make humans irrelevant. Anat Baron disagrees with that plotline. She believes that instead of fearing new technology, we should be looking at increasing Human + AI collaboration. After all, in order to succeed in today’s complex world, companies must be able to connect, predict and adapt in real time to meet their customers’ needs. 

In this interactive presentation, Anat Baron explores how emerging technologies will change the way customers and businesses interact. She shares how the transformative power of AI, robotics, information and communication technologies will impact how we relate to one another. She explains why your organization should immediately embrace AI technology that is combined with human decision-making. Her keynote will bring to life a future where AI will take over most tedious tasks leaving humans to spend more time on actual human interaction.

Anat Baron | Living in Fast Forward: Navigating the High-Speed World of Human + AI
Culture IS Your Competitive Advantage

Culture IS Your Competitive Advantage

In order to win the war for talent, organizations must be flexible so they can attract, engage, and retain employees. As work gets re-imagined in our unpredictable world, this goes beyond compensation, benefits and perks. Today’s workforce desires flexibility not only in their physical work environment, but also in the ability to pursue meaningful work that aligns with their personal values and the values of the organization. They seek a sense of belonging.

In her interactive presentation, Anat Baron emphasizes the importance of organizations building cross-functional relationships and embracing the technological advances that continue to impact the workforce. Drawing from her experiences leading both corporate and start-up teams, she will outline strategies and changes that have been successful in managing on-site, hybrid, and remote teams. Anat will also discuss the critical role of culture in today’s age of authenticity and transparency, where the boundaries between employees and customers are increasingly blurred. 

Anat Baron | Culture IS Your Competitive Advantage

The Future Will Be Personalized

Today’s consumers want what they want, when, where and how they want it, with the least amount of friction possible. This means that the era of search and discovery is giving way to the personalization age. As consumers’ every transaction and location are being monitored, tracked and analyzed, AI and machine learning will play a bigger role in predicting what they may want/need next. 

Personalization is fast becoming a staple of the customer experience. Organizations will have to walk a fine line between giving their customers what they want and appearing sinister. It’s a catch 22—customers increasingly demand hyper-personalized experiences but are increasingly reluctant to hand over the data needed to make those experiences personalized. Anat Baron dives deep and shows you how to navigate this vicious circle and earn the trust of customers necessary to deliver the experiences they want.

Anat Baron | The Future Will Be Personalized