Anat Baron Futurist & Technology Keynote Speaker

Anat Baron Futurist Keynote Speaker
Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature

Choosing the right keynote speaker for your event is critical

You need to find someone who is equal parts smart, entertaining and engaging. But perhaps most importantly, the speaker needs to resonate with your audience. Basically you’re looking for a unicorn: a credible storyteller who can move your group to take positive action.

Anat Baron: Futurist, Brand Builder and Force of Nature

Anat Baron doesn’t need a crystal ball

She has been at the forefront of global consumer trends in wide ranging industries, with great success at forecasting what’s next. She brings her experience and expertise to the stage and marries it with your specific needs.

Anat Baron’s powerful presentations not only help your audience contextualize the latest trends, but act as a catalyst for change, inspiring innovation at all levels.

Anat Baron Futurist Keynote Speaker

Anat Baron Speaks on Innovation, Technology, Branding and Consumer Trends

In an increasingly complex world, Anat Baron helps to break down the trends with an eye towards the future. 

Some of the big areas she covers include:

Anat Baron talks trends including:

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Anat Baron’s Keynote Speeches Have Impacted Organizations Across Industries